Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A bottle swap you say?

Over on Life on the Scrapbeach, Kristin G. suggested a bottle swap. I know I probably wasn't the only one who kinda went "a what?" so she posted a youtube video that she had seen about them. I have to say this is the absolutely neatest idea I have ever seen!
So the deal is you take a 1 litre bottle (empty and washed of course), cut it open, fill it with goodies, seal it back up, stick a mailing label on it and send it in the mail just like that.  In our case it will be filled with scrap goodies but what a fantastic idea for kids or anyone else that you want to surprise with something unique. I'll be sending mine off at the end of the week (Can't wait to see their faces at the post office for that one*lol*) and when I get mine from my swap partner I'll post pictures.

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